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DIY Smudge Spray

This little spray is a great alternative to traditional smudging with sage. It helps to clear and balance your energy field. It acts as a gentle “re-set” when used to ground and center throughout your day. Keep a bottle at the office, in your car or try using before bed to help let go of your day. You can also use this spray to clear your crystals or smudge spaces. It can be customized to your needs. Play around with it to see what works best for you!

The base is sea salt and distilled crystal charged water.

I use a pinch of natural sea salt, Himalayan salt and volcanic salt.

To charge water using crystals, simply choose what crystal energies you would like to use and place in a glass jar for at least 24 hours. I use rose quartz to add love consciousness, black tourmaline to help transmute negative energies and Shiva Lingam for balance. I also add a clear quartz crystal that has been charged with Reiki energies.

From here you can add flower essences and/ or essential oils.

I use a combination of rose water, Bach’s walnut essence for protection and Bach’s Rescue Remedy to help with clearing. Just a few drops of each. You can add more rose water for a stronger scent.

Palo Santo, sage and frankincense essential oils also work nicely with this layered with another oil like a citrus which are uplifting or a calming oil such as lavender. You really only need a drop or two of each.

Its best to store in a glass bottle and use with a fine mist sprayer.

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