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Massage Therapy

Therapeutic and Wellness Massage

Clinical Results within a Spa Like Experience


A massage session tailored to your specific needs incorporating Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and Muscle Energy Techniques resulting in a fluid and comprehensive treatment. We can address a wide range of musculoskeletal dysfunction and orthopedic conditions. The combination of these modalities generate a unique approach to stress, injury treatment, chronic pain, pre/post-natal considerations, postural alignment and muscle fatigue.


60 Minute Massage        $125

A balanced approach to Relaxation and Clinical Treatment! We can incorporate the whole body or focus on a specific area of concern.

90 Minute Massage        $188

Experience the Ultimate in Relaxation and Total Body Balance! We will thoroughly focus on your areas of concern with ample time to also incorporate the full body.


Prenatal Massage           $125

This a 1 hour session. Massage is generally safe and can be beneficial throughout all stages of pregnancy. We can focus on relaxation and increasing circulation as well as addressing common concerns such as low back and hip pain and sciatica.


Integrative Bodywork Sessions


Restorative Session        $285

De-stress and Restore while you Rest in Total Mind and Body Relaxation! A 90 minute session combining a mini Intuitive Healing Session and a 60 min full body Massage. This is a great way to try out an Intuitive healing and still get your massage or if you are just feeling like you need an energetic tune up along with some bodywork. 



Mind Body Bliss              $365

A 2 hour Comprehensive, Integrative, and Holistic Healing session incorporating a full Intuitive Healing Session and Massage! We will initiate and amplify the healing response within the bodymind, restore communication within the systems, add vital energies and resources, and remove blocks and barriers that can hinder the healing process. This session includes an hour of energy work and consciousness based medicine followed by an hour of massage tailored to your specific needs.


I do not directly bill insurance from my private practice. I can provide receipts with the appropriate billing codes for reimbursement by your insurance company if they accept them. Some insurance plans will allow you to use your health savings account to pay for massage therapy. You can check with your insurance provider to find out what your options are.

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