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About Me

 I began my professional career as a Cryptologic Technician for the United States Navy. My focus was on analyzing electromagnetic frequencies emitted from radars and weapon systems. This provided an initial foundation and understanding of energetic properties and patterns.

Over the course of the next few years I realized my own need for healing partly due to trauma incurred during my service in the military. I had developed severe depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I first focused on nutrition and studied how the body relates to food and started incorporating plant based whole foods as the foundation for healthy systems. To improve upon physical health I began the practice of yoga which led to the study of eastern philosophies and the energy systems of the body. This opened the door to energy medicine and I began to seek out practitioners of various energetic modalities.

Energy medicine allowed for healing on a new level and was the first time in along time that I felt hope. Hope that I wasn't stuck in my brokenness. This also brought my awareness again to the energetic properties and patterns I had previously worked with in Naval Intelligence but now my focus was on how they related to the human condition. I began studying the subtle energetic body, concepts within quantum physics and cellular consciousness. Now at a point where I wanted to incorporate my passion for whole health into a career, the field of massage therapy provided that avenue. It fulfilled the desire I had to put my energy and effort into something that was purposeful and that could have a positive effect on others.

My passion for therapeutic work is founded on the philosophy of the Dynamic Systems model of health which emphasizes the contribution that all parts make to the whole. Whole health is a balanced relationship within all systems of the bodymind. The bodymind includes the physical structures and systems of the body, the energetic systems, psychological and emotional paradigms and consciousness. Consciousness is the mechanism that controls the relationships and communication within and between all parts of the bodymind complex as well as how it relates to, is affected by, and in turn affects its external environment.

Applying this concept to the field of massage therapy shifts the focus from just addressing dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system to looking at what other systems of the bodymind are contributing to the dysfunction and how the dysfunction itself is affecting the other systems. The intention behind this approach is to uncover the root cause of the imbalance in order to restore optimal communication within the bodymind and implement true change within the complex.

Combing the healing power of touch therapy through applied massage techniques with energetic and consciousness based modalities enables me to offer a comprehensive personalized treatment plan for each client. The goal is to facilitate the development of awareness within the client. By first addressing the physical systems usually prompted by pain or imbalance with in the body we then can begin to bring awareness to and address the other systems. Ultimately we all possess an innate ability to heal ourselves and my greatest joy is empowering others to realize the freedom we have in that.  

Melissa Foley graduated from the Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts in West Seattle, WA completing the Massage Therapy Licensing Program. She trained at the Northwest Healing Studio in Fremont, WA receiving her Reiki Master Teacher Certificate. Melissa has also completed her initial training in the BodyTalk System at BodyTalk Seattle receiving her Certification as a BodyTalk Practitioner. She continued her training in the Shamanic Healing practices at Northwest Healing and Intuitive Arts receiving a certification as a Shamanic Healing Practitioner. Most recently Melissa has completed her training with Marisa Peer and certified as a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner. 


Melissa Foley, LMP, RHT, RMT, CBP, RTTP

Licensed Massage Practitioner, Registered Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner, Shamanic Healing Practitioner

WA#MA60342172 / WA#HP60989590

Meet Shiloh!

Shiloh is our official greeter ready to welcome you. Snuggles, pets, play and zoomies are on offer. This little guy joined our office in 2017 and brought with him an innate therapeutic presence. He has his own place to hang out quietly during sessions as to not distract from the work that we are doing and to maintain the respect and privacy of your space. 

*If you have any concerns, sensitivities or allergies to animals please let me know prior to your session so that I may take the necessary considerations. 

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